Re-Imagining Education

Imagine a learning community alive with curiosity and excitement, where children happily apply themselves to satisfying work that nurtures their emotional, physical and intellectual development while fostering initiative and creativity.

Imagine a school where the uniqueness of childhood is respected with the awareness that learning happens best through exploration, collaboration, imagination, play, movement, music, and time outdoors; where the child’s understanding unfolds in its natural timing while aspiring toward mastery of developmentally appropriate goals.

Imagine a classroom filled with color, natural light, and quality materials, where art infuses every lesson, project and celebration.

Imagine a place where families, teachers and children come together to create an ever-evolving model of healthy, mindful and compassionate community.

In this era of standardization and isolation, NUA Sparrow responds to the moral imperative that we imagine an education that honors children and their natural inclination to learn. Our child-centered educational approach rests on the following five practices:

  1. Integrated curriculum, balancing intellectual, emotional and creative elements
  2. Developmentally appropriate, relevant work for children
  3. Social inclusion, safety, and respectful community-building
  4. Non-punitive discipline that teaches self-control and fosters intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility
  5. Outdoor, experiential learning through gardening, sustainable living projects, and time in nature

Sparrow graduates emerge from this nurturing environment as compassionate, creative, eco-literate citizens able to act responsibly and thoughtfully in a complex society, empowered with the knowledge that their unique contributions, skills and ideas will change our world for the better.

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