The Four Temperaments – The Choleric

This week, Alexandra Ott shares a perspective on the Cholerics. If you are interested in more information on the temperaments, you can email Alexandra for additional resources.

In continuing with our discussion about the temperaments I wanted to begin with a quote from Rudolf Steiner underlining our reasoning for studying them. “The important thing for us to remember is the diversity of our children and indeed of all human beings…when we want to help a temperament, the worst method is to foster the opposite qualities in a child. We must work to understand the temperament, to go out to meet it.” Today as we look at the Choleric, we will explore what this means.

The Oak Tree

The Cholerics are our workers.  They are self-confident, dedicated, generous, assertive, independent and organized. They are the first ones to begin their work and to thoroughly finish it because of their affinity to set goals, and antipathy towards mistakes. You may find them leading the playground, your other children, or the classroom. Their bossiness can be overpowering, but their leadership and energy are useful for getting things done.

To meet the Choleric child, issue them challenges, appeal to their generosity and be firm and to the point. Making them apologize, punishing them, or criticizing will only spur on their power tirade.

Instead, as in Redirecting Children’s Behavior and Positive Discipline, changing your behavior and attitude towards them is how you can change theirs for the better. When children feel accepted and not up against you, they gradually begin to harmonize with the other temperaments and soften their edges.


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