I don’t think there is any way possible to have music too early….Music in the lives of the young is probably as important as the breath in their lungs or the blood in their veins.  The child who is permitted to brush with music, to cope with it, to dance to it, to feel it, to express it, to make it, is a child who is always several plateaus higher. (Virgil Fox)

Today music is recognized as an important and essential part of a complete education.  It is a powerful tool in the development of imagination, creativity, discipline, concentration, and critical thinking skills. It was with that in mind that Cathi Nett developed a K-3 music program for the Irvine Unified School District where she was the director of Primary Music.  The program that she is bringing to NUA Sparrow includes this Orff– and Kodaly-based curriculum.  The children will learn the true joy of music making, and be able to sense rhythm in play, movement and written theory.  They will experience the stories of the great composers both old and new, learn dances from different countries, and enjoy playing rhythm instruments of all kinds.  She plans on building the general music department to include Recorders (wind instrument) and choral singing for the upper grades.

Cathi has a BS in education, holds a California teaching credential in both education and vocal music.  She has experience teaching elementary, middle and high school in the public school setting, been a theater arts director as well as music director in schools and community theater programs for 15 years.


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