The Four Temperaments – The Phlegmatic

The following is the third in the series on The Four Temperaments by Alexandra Ott.

The Linden Tree

The Phlegmatics are our watchers and dreamers. They are very easy-going, calm, cool, and collected. As they are dependable and trustworthy, they do well around friends and value these friendships. Their peacefulness helps them meditate upon problems and avoid conflict. They are rhythm-oriented and thus, the reliability of a comforting meal is always appealing.

These are the children who take excruciatingly long to put on their shoes, brush their teeth, clean up, line up…virtually any task they need to complete. Rushing them, however, is far from a good idea. They will resent you for this and it will become a constant battle. Instead, give them little choice, speak directly and to the point, and give them plenty of TIME! Often, you may have to spark their interest or keep things exciting or they will simply find the easy way and move about at their own pace forever.

They do very well with Sanguines (which we will discuss next time) and not so well with Cholerics as the two temperaments somewhat clash. Therefore, when working with the Phelgmatic, we can see why a choleric approach wouldn’t be the most beneficial.


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