The Four Temperaments – Sanguine

Alexandra Ott shares with us the characteristics of the last of the Four Temperaments.

The Birch

The final temperament we will take a glance at is the Sanguine, otherwise known as the talker. This child is just like a hummingbird, dancing from flower to flower in hurried speed. Everything is fabulously interesting for but a moment. They are the children who just last week begged you for ice-skating lessons, only to find out this week that it’s imperative they learn how to play the French horn. While they notice most everything, nothing sticks. They have energy and enthusiasm for so much, but have a very difficult time at finishing many tasks.

They have many friends, but as not to become superficial, they should be encouraged to make deep connections. The same works for parents, as Sanguines love to please and be complimented. As this is probably your attention child, they respond best when the adult has a friendly word with them right then. They understand quite quickly and because of their need to be appreciated, are sensitive to your tone and reaction.

It has been a great pleasure to elucidate these temperaments here and I hope they become another tool in your home to work with in meeting the needs of your child. Much of my information has come from resources passed down from teachers, so please email me if you would like any. Otherwise you may find these books helpful.

  •  Teaching as a Lively Art by Majorie Spark (excellent for parents!)
  • Children and their Temperaments by Mariele Anschutz
  • The Temperaments by Roy Wilkinson (excellent for teachers)

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