Celebrating the Seasons

Rhythm is inherent in nature. All winter long the daffodil bulb patiently waits underneath the ground finally to awaken as she gives us the first signs of spring. As the flowers dance into summer, the sun stretches high in the sky, spending all day turning the wheat fields into gold. As autumn approaches, a bounty of crimson red apples and bright orange pumpkins tumble across the fields into our buckets and wheelbarrows – the same food to fill us with warmth as the sleeping of winter comes around again.

Most of us celebrate this rhythm with holidays, birthdays, and vacations. Festivals surrounding the seasons, while still around, are less and less common. Yet they are a joyous and natural way to come together as a whole community to honor the change and remember what has been done. Living in this temperate climate between with the ocean and desert, the rhythm of the seasons is much less apparent. This is why, at Sparrow, we know how important it is that our festivals represent earth’s changes.  To only speak about caring for our earth is not enough.  Sharing reverence and awareness enlivens our words into action.

Our very own Spring Festival happens this Saturday at our site from 11-4. We are eagerly anticipating the gleeful occasion!  What a joy it will be to come together as a whole community and welcome spring in full bloom! We hope you can make it!


Alexandra Ott, 1st/2nd grade teacher


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