Lantern Walk

Last Friday was Sparrow’s first all-school Lantern Walk.  It is a tradition in many Waldorf schools to hold this sweet and beautiful festival of light as the days get shorter and the winter darkness begins to take hold.

The children all created their own lanterns, whose beauty couldn’t be fully appreciated until after sunset, when they all began to shine their golden light.  The procession of light made its way along South Mission Bay, with the children all singing the same lantern song.  We ended with one final round of the song in a huge circle of lanterns, and at the end, we all blew out our lights at once.  At that moment one of my students said to me, “Wow! It really just got a lot darker. I didn’t realize how bright our lights were!”

This simple and profound statement speaks to the deeper meaning of this festival, which is an honoring of the light in each one of us, and how even in the dark times, (literally or metaphorically) we are able to shine our light on others to brighten their way.  While the students may not yet be able to fully grasp the metaphor, they were able to experience the brightness of our collective light when gathered together in community.

May this coming winter season be brightly lit from within each one of you.

Submitted by Alexis Ahrens, 3rd grade teacher


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