Enrichment Class Schedule

Sparrow Home School Enrichment Class Schedule

Every Thursday (accept during holidays)

9-10  Kinder – 2nd gr class

10:00-10:45  Communal Snack & Free Play

10:45 Kinder-2nd Grade Dismissal

10:00-10:45  3rd-8th gr class

1045-11 Snack

11-1145  3rd-8th gr class

12pm Dismissal

 Enrichment Class Block Rotation

Sep- Oct: Eurythmy w/ Ms Taiya and *Foundations w/ Ms. Larkin

                Michaelmas festival

Oct-Nov: Handwork w/ Ms. Bianca 

                Martinas festival

Nov-Dec: Wet on wet watercolor painting w/ Ms. Larkin

                Advent Festival

                 Christmas Break ( 2 weeks )

Jan-Feb: Eurythmy W/ Ms. Taiya and woodwork w/ Ms. Larkin

March-April :  Handwork with Ms. Bianca Gardening w/ Ms. Larkin

April -May:    Spanish- (TK-1st) with Mr. Nick

                     Play Practice ( 2nd-8th)

                     Spring Festival 

June 8th      Last Day of School

              Rainbow Bridge Ceremony

*Foundations include, drawing, painting, flute, and use of materials