There are many volunteer needs at public schools. State funding cannot adequately provide for all of the staffing and resources necessary to create the exceptional educational experience we want for our children. The more we can contribute, through financial assistance and personal time, the better quality school we are able to provide. NEST asks all families to volunteer at least 20 hours per year, (and per child, if possible). Pick something you enjoy or are skilled at, and you will have fun while the school reaps the rewards!

The following are ways to get involved:

  • Ask your teacher or room parent for needs in your child’s classroom
  • Become a room parent
  • Read the weekly newsletter for announcements about volunteer needs
  • Attend NEST, classroom and all-school meetings
  • Help organize a fundraising event
  • Volunteer at a fundraising event or on a committee
  • Solicit grants or donations
  • Join the gardening committee (or lend them a hand)
  • Ask the office staff for general school needs or office help
  • Assist in supervision during lunch times
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Laundering painting rags
  • Bringing flowers to the classroom

We track volunteer hours by asking our volunteers to log them here. These hours not only help the school directly, but can help us to win grants that look for schools with strong family involvement. Attending NEST meetings counts, so be sure to log those, too!

All volunteers working on the school site or driving students on field trips must get a Live Scan background clearance. Click here for instructions.

Please email NEST with any questions regarding getting more involved!

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