Waldorf education is a time-tested approach that philosopher Rudolf Steiner developed 100 years ago. The methods of Waldorf integrate strong academics with deep thinking, experiential learning, artistic instruction, practical skills, and a wonder for life-long learning. In its timelessness, this education instills in children the capacities to adapt in the dynamic 21st century. Children leave Waldorf education as well-rounded human beings that contribute positively to the world in which they live. At Sparrow we interweave the Common Core standards with the latest research and trainings including Orton-Gillinham’s approach to language. CutMyPicImage-15

Our Approach

Our child-centered educational approach rests on the following five practices:

  • Integrated curriculum, balancing intellectual, emotional and creative elements
  • Developmentally appropriate, relevant work for children
  • Social inclusion, safety, and respectful community-building
  • Non-punitive discipline that teaches self-control and fosters intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility
  • Outdoor, experiential learning through gardening, sustainable living projects, and time in nature

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